Sika® Latex

Sika® Latex is a synthetic rubber emulsion which when added to cement mortar/concrete/grout provides good adhesion and water resistance. It comes in the form of a milky liquid. It is fully soluble in water and is to be added directly to the gauging water of mortar/concrete/ cementitious grout.

Sika® Cemflex®

Acrylic polymer dispersion for making cement based waterproofing slurry coating.


Sika®-101h is a ready to use cement based powder capillary waterproofing system for concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration or seepage of water in the area of low pressure of concrete structure or any cementitious substrate.

SikaTop® Seal-107

SikaTop® Seal-107 is a two part acrylic polymer modified cementitious liquid applied waterproof coating system.


SikaTop®Seal-109 hi is an elastic liquid applied, crack bridging 2-pack acrylic polymer modified cementitious waterproofing coating system.