-> Sika Solutions for Sustainable Future Featured in "Concrete Show India" - Mumbai between May 19 - 21


Infrastructural Development is the key factor behind any country's economic development. Nearly all of the Infrastructure Sectors present excellent opportunities with roads and highways, ports and airports, railways and power standing out as particular bright spots, with staggering sums of investment planned. It is imperative that if Infrastructure Development occurs in a Sustainable manner in India, it will have a strong competitive advantage.


Sustainability has always been part of Sika's identity, we are committed to continuously measure, improve, report and communicate sustainable value creation. “More Value – Less Impact” refers to Sika’s commitment to maximize the value of our solutions and contributions for present and future generations.


Sika India has taken another step forward towards this goal by participating in the World of Concrete Exhibition between May 19 - 21, "Concrete Show India" in Mumbai. Sika Sustainable Solutions for Concrete production was displayed in this forum.


Mr. Ibrahim Shaikh was the speaker for the technical interactive session, in his session he has given the insights of Sika Concrete Solutions for Sustainable Future.