Workforce with expertise and commitment

Sika promotes skills and initiatives. The company encourages the entrepreneurial engagement of employees. A cooperative management style, targeted development and education programs tailored to individual capabilities are crucial components of the Sika corporate culture.

The number of employees in 2015 rose 2.3% under review to 17,281 (previous year: 16,895). The challenging economic situation in some emerging markets contributed to the fact that headcount in Latin America and Asia did not grow as fast as in previous years and even fell slightly in a few countries.

The regional distribution of Sika employees is as follows:

EMEA: 9,079 (previous year: 8,708),

North America: 1,653 (previous year: 1,488),

Latin America: 2,437 (previous year: 2,609),

Asia/Pacific: 4,112 (previous year: 4,090).

The age structure at Sika is broadly balanced: 16% of employees are under 30 years of age and 21% over 50. Sika wants to offer its staff long-term prospects with the company. Over 95% of employees have permanent employment contracts. Together, all Sika employees generated a net added value of CHF 1,755 million in 2015 (previous year: CHF 1,715 million). This corresponds to a net added value per employee of CHF 103,000 (previous year: CHF 103,000).