Sika systematically leverages the growth potential in its target markets. The company draws on its innovative power, for instance, to meet the rising demand for energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions in both the construction and industrial manufacturing sectors.

This has led to the development of new roofing systems that vastly improve the energy performance of buildings and state-of-the-art, low-weight, time-saving adhesives for vehicle production – to name just two examples.

As globalization proceeds, the ability to deliver comprehensive integral solutions for globally operating key accounts and large-scale projects is a decisive success factor. Particularly crucial for Sika are the emerging markets of Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia. To capitalize on the momentum in these rapidly growing markets – where the potential for structural growth is far from exhausted – the company relies on cost-effective solutions for early market development.

At the same time, investment in the training of both employees and customers paves the way for the introduction of new, more efficient technologies and improves market penetration.

Sustainable development and values
Sustainable development is for Sika not a goal that can be achieved immediately, but a continuous process of optimization, adaptation to customer needs and innovation. That is why Sika is constantly on the search for possible refinements, for ways of furthering the good of the company, its customers and the environment.

At Sika, responsibility to shareholders, market players and the general public is fundamental to sustainable business activities. Sika acts in accordance with common values that form the basis for the company’s sustainable development.

Sika pursues a double-pronged sustainability strategy:

- it seeks to design products and services that meet the demand for efficient, sustainable solutions in the target
- it continuously refines its own operations in line with sustainable practice and backs this up by suitable
  investment in sustainability on the basis of economic principles.

Sika technologies make an essential contribution to the sustainable development of our society. Sika admixtures help to achieve massive cuts in CO2 emissions in concrete and cement production. Sika roofing systems reduce energy consumption in buildings by up to 15%. Moreover, as the global leader in waterproofing, the company helps to optimize global water management.

In automotive production, Sika adhesives have supersededtraditional welding methods as a means of joining together different types of material. The fundamental challenge facing the automotive industry is to build lighter vehicles while simultaneously meeting ever-higher safety and comfort standards. Sika’s lightweight materials and solutions for structural strengthening help to attenuate vibration, enhance design rigidity and improve collision behavior, while also reducing the car body weight.