• More Value, Less Impact

    More Value, Less Impact

    Sika strives to create value for all its stakeholders with its products, systems, solutions along the whole supply chain and throughout the lifespan of its products. The value created outweighs by far the impacts associated with production, distribution and use.

    More Value, Less Impact
  • Strategy: Enhanced Utility

    Strategy: Enhanced Utility

    With the avowed aim of “enhancing utility and reducing negative impacts”, Sika defined six strategic targets that focus on sustainable solutions, ecomonic performance, local communities/society, energy, waste/water and safety. Through its products, systems and solutions, Sika seeks to generate benefits for stakeholders that far outweigh the negative consequences of the production process and resource consumption.

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  • Global Reporting Initiative

    Global Reporting Initiative

    The Sika sustainability strategy is accompanied by a management and reporting system meeting the G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4).

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  • Responsibility for the Future

    Responsibility for the Future

    Limited Resources, Climate Change, Water, and Infrastructure are trends which are re-shaping Sika markets and guiding Sika business. As an innovative pioneer, Sika thinks ahead and commits to a better environment with an integrated approach incl. solution sustainability, supply chain sustainability and social sustainability.