Hidden from sight, the below grade portion of a building typically serves some essential function.

Parking, garages, some non-critical storage and laundry area are commonly placed underground. Here the waterproofing requirement is not very strict.

However, for important function rooms, storage and technical areas like offices, high-end moisture-free data storage centres filled with high-tech equipment; any of these services may be located below grade in buildings.

In many countries, it is important to have special rooms in Basement in case of unfortunate circumstances like war, earthquake, etc.

Products: Coatings


Specific protection and waterproofing of concrete structures may be carried out by roller or sprayed applied coatings.

Common cem-acrylic coatings for lower end waterproofing applications up to high quality polyurethane and polyurea Sikalastic coatings cover a wide range of project requirements.

Products: Membranes

Sikaplan WP - PVC Membrane System

Highly flexible membrane systems protect any concrete structure up to the highest requirements.

Loose laid Sikaplan PVC sheet membrane systems are designed for long-term durability and can be built as standard single layer compartment systems up to the active control system for highest demands.

Atactic Poly Propylene (APP) Membranes

APP modified bitumen based waterproofing membrane for protection of various range of substrate in wide range of application.