Sika Injection Systems are used in the Repair & Waterproofing of Concrete Structures like sealing of Cracks, waterproofing of Construction & Expansion Joints and repair of damaged membranes.

Products: Epoxy Injection Resin

Epoxy Injection Resin

Solvent free, water insensitive, very low viscous epoxy injection resin for waterproofing application

Products: PU Injection Foam

PU Injection Foam

Flexible polyurethane injection foam for temporary water stopping

Products: PU Injection Resin

PU Injection Resin

Two component elastic polyurethane injection resin for permanent watertight sealing

Products: Acrylet Injection Resin

Acrylet Injection Resin

Elastic Polyacrylate resin for permanent watertight sealing