Sealing & Bonding

Oustanding Solutions for Factory Style Finish

Backed by unrivalled expertise in automotive applications, our advanced portfolio of one-component sealants has been specifically designed to provide a fast, easy solution in the automotive car body repair process. The broad range of Sika sealants include solutions for seam sealing, spray- and brushable seam applications, as well as for bonding small parts on to the vehicle.

Sikaflex® AT Series

Products in the Sikaflex® AT series utilize a new type of hybrid polymer that encompasses the best properties of our PU and modified silicone (MS) technologies. Designed for easy application with low emissions, they are ideal for a wide range of sealing and bonding applications.

Backed by more than 2000 paint adhesion tests, our Sikaflex® AT products work well with modern paint systems. They can be applied wet-on-wet, or after a longer period, regardless of the climatic conditions.

The Sikaflex® AT series for seam sealing provides an aging-resistant and permanently elastic seal, with good adhesion to all of the most commonly used materials, including metal primers, paint coatings, metals, painted plastics and plastics.