SikaFast® Rear Mirror Aftermarket Bonding Solutions


Occasionally windscreens come without a pre-bonded rear mirror bracket or walk-in
customers may ask for getting a loose rear mirror attached again.
Sika offers two solutions

For metal brackets


No Mix Acrylate
Fixture Time: 5 min (23 °C/50 % r. h.)
Kit containing: bottle of 50 ml + 10 ml Activator
Does up to 150 installations per bottle

is designed for bonding rear mirror brackets to vehicle windshields. It is suitable for bonding glass, ceramics and metals as well as a combination of these materials. The rear mirror can be installed just minutes after the bracket has been bonded.

For metal and plastic brackets

SikaFast®-5211 NT

2 Component Acrylate
Fixture Time: 10 min (23 °C/50 % r. h.)
Syringe containing  10 ml (also available in larger cartridges).
Does 5-10 installations per syringe

SikaFast®-5211 NT is a fast curing, flexible structural adhesive designed to replace mechanical fixings such as rivets, screws or welding. It is suitable for high strength fastening of concealed joints and exhibits excellent adhesion on different types of substrates including top coats, plastics, glass, wood. etc Suitable of bonding complex rear mirror brackets

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