Sika® Stabilizer-110

Compaction Aid

Sika® Stabilizer-110 is a blend of surfactants and water reducing polymers in an aqueous solution used in the manufacture of drycast concrete and zero slump concrete products. When added into the concrete mix it acts as a manufacturing aid to speed production and enhance product appearance and strength. Sika® Stabilizer-110 contains no calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chloride containing ingredients. It will not initiate or promote the corrosion of steel in contact with the concrete.

Sika® Stabilizer-110 is an integral concrete densifying material that acts as a cement dispersant and reduces the use of water. Some of its benefits are:
  • Machine productivity will be increased by more rapid filling of form and mold boxes.
  • The internal lubricating properties of Sika® Stabilizer-110 reduce the wear on machinery and extend machine life.
  • Provides a better form swipe on dryast products.
  • Lighter colors will maintain a more uniform, consistent shade and general product appearance will be improved.
  • Edges on blocks, columns and pipe will be sharper, more defined and less likely to chip.
  • Improves early and final strength of concrete.
  • Improves compactability.
  •  Reduces breakage and culls.
  • Extends life of molds and machine parts.
  • Enables the use of pozzolans as a cement replacement while providing similar strengths and workability.
  • Reduces the need for higher curing temperatures while maintaining early strengths.