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  • Rain Ready Homes

    Rain Ready Homes

    Make your homes rain ready with SIKA

    For Rain Ready Homes
  • Sika Smart City

    Sika Smart City

    Navigate through Sika Smart City to find expert material solutions and references.

    Sika Smart City
  • Sika Gotthard Base Tunnel

    Sika Gotthard Base Tunnel

    World's longest and deepest rail tunnel in Switzerland.

    Sika Gotthard Base Tunnel
  • Sikatop® Seal-107: 35 Years of Success!

    Sikatop® Seal-107: 35 Years of Success!

    Reliable Waterproofing Mortar since 1981, worldwide!

  • Sika Spirit 2018-Issue I

    Sika Spirit 2018-Issue I

    We are happy to announce the release of our inhouse magazine SIKA SPIRIT the first issue of 2018.

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