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  • SikaLatex® Power

    SikaLatex® Power

    3 in 1 - Waterproofing, Bonding Agent & Repair Mortar

    SikaLatex® Power
  • Sika® CoolCoat

    Sika® CoolCoat

    This summer let your roof intake less heat than any other roof, with an excellent heat reflective coating “Sika® CoolCoat”. Its high solar reflective index & waterproof coating with ease of application and less dust accumulation makes it an obvious choice for roof and walls.

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  • Sikafloor® Multidur

    Sikafloor® Multidur

    Sikafloor® MultiDur system is a versatile flooring system. This system is ideal for multiple applications like floor coatings, self-levelling, textured coating, car deck epoxy system, decorative flooring, coving, etc. Be sure to use it for your next project involving flooring substrates.

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  • 50 Years of Experience

    50 Years of Experience

    Sikadur-Combiflex® SG system has 50 years of experience in the market & today it is a leading solution in adhered tapes present in almost 90 countries. Thank you for your trust in our solutions.

    Sikadur Combiflex® SG System
  • SikaCeram®


    Building Finishing Solutions with SikaCeram® range

    Building Finishing Solutions