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Waterproofing is crucial to prevent expensive and irreversible damages to building structures.

You can protect your next project against water infiltration with our tested systems and products, to avoid future problems and costs.

Selecting a suitable waterproofing solution from the beginning is important to avoid issues emerging later.

Advantages of Sika Waterproofing Solutions

Keeping water in or out of long-lasting structures, such as tunnels, bridges, basements, roofs, wetrooms or balconies can be very challenging.

Sika considers the entire waterproofing process to the very last detail and can provide solutions for both new build and renovation projects.

Waterproofing failure and leaking are some of the most problematic scenarios especially during the monsoon season. Our systems ensure you get a durable solution to safeguard and protect your structures.

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Sika Supports in Waterproofing Projects

Below grade basement waterproofing with sheet membrane system
Waterproofing solutions for tunnels
Bridge in Klosters Switzerland
Interior of public drinking water reservoir in Offenberg Germany with Sikaplan waterproofing membrane
Sport center sauna spa footbath with tile floor adhesive in Fitnesspark Allmend Switzerland
Wet Room Waterproofing
Retention pond in grassy mountains with potable water

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