The highly sophisticated technology basis and know how in mortar chemistry   enable the formulation and design of all types of mortar compositions for different applications and projects.

Sika Mortars: More Value, Less Impact

High Performance Mortars
Repair Mortars
Image: Repair Mortars

Engineered Mortars (Coarse Mortars):

  • Grouts (general purpose & high precision)
  • Resin grouts
  • Repair mortars
  • Waterproofing mortars 
Building Mortars
Tile Adhesives
Image: Tile Adhesives

Building Mortars (Fine Mortars):

  • Tile adhesives
  • Wall levelling mortars (plasters, skimcoats; inside)
  • Rendering mortars (façade; ETICS; outside)
  • Masonry mortars
Industrial Floors and Self Levelling Under- and Overlayments
Image: Screeds

Cementitious Flooring Mortars (industrial or building)

  • Self levelling mortars
  • Industrial cementitious floors
  • Cementitious floor hardeners
  • Screeds
  • Marine mortars