SikaCim® Pink

Liquid integral waterproofing compound for concrete, mortar and plaster.

Specially formulated unique pink coloured liquid integral water proofing compound for concrete, mortar and plaster based on Sika’s technology of special selective polymers , surface active agents and additives.

  • Compatibility - Easily dispersible and compatible with all varieties of Portland Cement including Slag Cement
  • Cohesiveness - Minimizes loss of mortar due to rebound  in plastering jobs, hence great ease of application and saving
  • Economical - Required at a very small dosage
  • Low Permeability - Improves water tightness to a great extent
  • Water Reducer - Helps in reducing the water content
  • Workability - Improves workability without increased water content
  • Shrinkage - Reduced shrinkage cracks in concrete & mortar, better finish
  • Durability - Acts to disrupt the leakage causing capillary structures formed in concrete making it water tight and durable
  • Strength – Helps in enhancing the strength
  • Corrosion resistant- Makes concrete more cohesive and water tight hence protects steel better against corrosion
  • Increase Productivity – Less time is required for plastering hence saving on labor cost per sq foot
  • Packing - Supplied in consumer friendly packs easy to handle