Sika® Sigunit® L-93 AF (I)

Alkali Free liquid accelerator shotcrete admixture

Sika® Sigunit® L-93 AF (I) is a highly effective alkali free accelerator for shotcrete in liquid form. 

Sika® Sigunit® L-93 AF (I) produces high quality shotcrete. It has following advantages:
  • Free from alkali (non-caustic), non toxic product
  • Good long term strength and durability
  • In case of proper application, minimum loss of solidity of the catalysed concrete
  • Reduction of rebound
  • Improved  adhesion of the sprayed concrete on rock and concrete
  • Improved adhesion in the over head crown portion
  • Clear reduction of dust and a good working environment
  • Free from chloride and does not attack reinforcement