Cementitious capsule for rock stabilisation

Rokkon®-1 is available in sausage form enclosed in perforated plastic pouch. At the time of application, the capsule is put in water, allowing enough water to percolate in through the perforations to form a nonshrink, thixotropic cementitious grout. Special additives in the formulation ensure controlled expansion to stabilise the grout and control the water uptake to provide an optimum w/c ratio.

  • Reliability : laboratory tested pre-packed materials remove all problems of controlling grout mixing underground thereby reducing any risk in constructing a fully column grouted bolt
  • Non-shrink : controlled expansion counteracts shrinkage to provide effective contact with rock
  • Chloride free : develops early strength without the use of chloride and makes it safe to use with embedded steel
  • Encapsulated
  • Thixotropic : minimises grout loss from overhead holes