To participate in whole Construction activities on time.

Products: Heavy Civil Engineering

Hydro Electric Power Projects

Production of electrical power through the use of falling or flowing water

Nuclear Power Projects

Production of electrical power through the use of nuclear reaction

Thermal Power Plants

Production of electrical power through the conversion of chemical energy of coal into electrical energy


A seaport includes equipment and facilities for handling storing cargo with other essential amenities


A tunnel is an underground or under water passage dug through the surrounding soil / earth / rock

Defence Projects

Air force station

Products: Transportation & Urban Infrastructures


A wide way leading from one place to another, with a specially prepared surface

Metro Rail Projects

A rapid transit light rail system


A bridge carrying one railway line or road over another

Special Bridges & Elevated Corridors

An elevated rapid transit road system

Mono Rails

A railway system in which the track consists of a single rail, typically elevated

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment is a process of removing contaminants from waste water

Products: Residential & Commercial buildings


A complex of runways & buildings for take-off, landing and maintenance of aircraft

IT & Institutional Spaces

Complex for information technology and institutions

Commercial Complexes

Buildings and complex used for multiple commercial use


Hospital buildings

Residential Projects

Large complex having buildings and other amenities

Products: Factories & Warehouses


Multiple structures for manufacturing and assembling goods


An industrial installation where a substance is refined

Cavern Projects

It’s a large cave or large chamber cave dug

Products: Ready Mix Concrete

National RMC

Ready mixed concrete producers having all India Presence

Local RMC

Ready Mixed concrete producers having plants in single city or area

Projects based Plants - National RMC's

Ready mixed concrete produced at job site

Products: Precast Industry

Precast Factories: Structural & Goods

  • Structural Precast (Wet Precast): Prefabricated structural elements such as girders, segments, panels, etc.
  • Goods (Semi Dry & Wet): Prefabricated pavers, pipes, roof tiles, etc.

Renewable Energy

Energy from a source that is not depleted when used

Products: Mining & Cement

Cement Grinding Aid Business

Grinding aids are used during cement making to improve production capacity, strength enhancement and energy savings

Cement Plant New & Extension

Complex structures for cement manufacturing

Mining Industry

Open mines and closed mines to obtain minerals